I’m back.

It’s hot.



It’s hot.

~Written two nights ago~

Lol so that was something new. I arrived in Zurich at 3:20, and had to get on a train back to Milan leaving at 7:09. Three hours and fifty minutes to explore! I ended up spending the first 50 minutes in the train station, as the process of buying a ticket and putting my backpack in a locker proved to be way more difficult than I imagined it would be. It didn’t help that the various places I needed to get to were on three different floors, and some escalators took two floors at a time, so when I needed to get to the middle floor it would be especially difficult.

Furthermore, there was the matter of the currency. Switzerland doesn’t use the Euro, of course, but I had failed to check what the exchange rate was, so I had no idea how much money I was spending. I took 100 francs out of the ATM. because it was the second highest amount available for withdrawal (after 20) and spent it all. Almost entirely on chocolate. Mostly gifts. I went into a McDonald’s to check the price of a cheeseburger in order to get an idea of the currency’s value. I feel like cheeseburgers are the universal price constant.

Luckily the station is quite central (I mean, I think) so I just walked up the river and along the lake, getting diverted down cute streets occasionally. It was nice! Weather miserable of course but still pretty. I feel like Zurich does a super good job of being modern and historical at the same time but still feeling really classy and fits-all-togethery (I spent about 10 minutes trying to come up with the word I wanted there, but failed).

I’m now eating some bircher muesli I purchased and it is really delicious but some ingredient is making my tongue and palate a bit angry.



Yaaaaay it’s another on-train blog! Though this won’t be posted until I get back to Milan this evening. I’m traveling from Salzburg to Zurich. It’s a 5-hour train and I’m leaving Zurich in the evening so I have literally five hours or so to live it up Swiss-style. I’ll mostly be buying chocolates I think. This part of Europe is excellent for train-traveling through, views-wise. It’s quite snowy and foggy atm though so it looks all ~ethereal. Noice.

SO SALZBURG WAS ACE. The weather was gross but the gloominess sort of suited it. If I’d taken a Sound Of Music tour I probably would have been disappointed by the lack of sun and greenness, but I decided against it for two reasons- A) I didn’t want to spend the 40 euro or however much it was and B) I didn’t want to risk hearing people sing along and getting the lyrics wrong.

I’ve just noticed that my shoes are falling apart. (The big black ones, Dad) They’ve served me so well. I’m sort of pleased that they’re dying because it means I can chuck them out before I come home, so I don’t have to pack them. Yay space.

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I’m in my hostel in Salzburg. LIKE A BOSS. I wanted to be eating dinner but the restaurant is full and I couldn’t figure out how to order anyway so instead I’m having hot chocolate from the vending machine. Dinner!

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I just remembered I’d written up a whole blog about La Scala after I wrote the Celebrities one, and haven’t posted it yet. How exciting for everyone! I’m using photos I found online because I didn’t take my camera because I wanted to just ~live it~, y’know (and also because cameras aren’t allowed in the auditorium of course).


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So cool it hurts

For your viewing pleasure, here is a video of our winning skit from Waicon last weekend. I know you’re wildly impressed, don’t try and hide it.

Also, I totally got sparkling water out of a vending machine yesterday; you’re probably going to find that news more exciting than the former.